Thermocrete Chimney Sealant

‘Thermocrete sealent is a quick, yet effective chimney fix and one of the most popular of all Thermocrete products.’

Acting as a ceramic sealent and filling in any suspicious cracks internally within the flue (the extent of which can be pre-determined by a CCTV survey being carried out). Thermocrete sealent is the product you need if you have ‘render gaps’ that need filling inside your chimney.

The Process

Imagine a 360 degree nozzle being lowered slowly into your chimney, projecting a full 360 even layer of paint as it goes, this is exactly how the sealent works. Ordnarily 2-3 layers are ‘painted on’ in 30 minute intervals and left to set for 24 hours until hardened. The beauty of the sealent is that it doesn’t reduce the size of your flue and thus for restrict the flow which is really important, especially in smaller chimneys.

This ceramic coating sprayed within your chimney, blocks and plugs any holes or cracks and coats with a smooth ceramic layer which outlines the correct passage for the smoke and any harmful emissions, to disperse from the fire directly out the top of your chimney. It also restricts any further acid corrosion and heat damage being done to the flue which not only ensures your chimney is safe to use but also puts you mind at rest that no costly repairs will be needed.

Why choose Thermocrete?

  • Ceramic sealent is completely impervious to heat and acid corrosion
  • The flue size of the chimney internally is not affected
  • The ceramic sealent seals all gaps and cracks
  • The ceramic sealent is suitable for both class 1 and 2 appliances
  • It has a quick clean installation taking only a few hours (times vary dependant on chimney size and all installations require a 24 hour setting/cooling period before next use).

 “The CCTV survey showed how badly damaged my chimney was. The whole process was seamless and the installers were very professional, would highly recommend to anyone!” – Samantha H

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At ALS Chimneys, all of our chimney specialists have been trained in using Thermocrete directly by Thermocrete ltd. Thermocrete B2c is a unique patented refractory chimney lining fabric produced and tested to BS:4207 conforming to BSEN 1443, the highest possible industry standards. All our Thermocrete products come with a 25 year, quality assured guarantee.

As with all our products, a full chimney inspection will be conducted to determine the most effective solution for your chimney needs. If you would like to know more, please contact  Laura on 01723817221 for North Yorkshire or Oliver on 01482770395 for Humberside.

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