Eldfast Chimney Lining System

Eldfast Chimney Lining

‘Eldfast is a ceramic mix of materials that does not contain lime or cement and can withstand continuous exposure to extreme temperatures.’

Eldfast is a ceramic chimney lining manufactured in the UK. It is the perfect solution to chimney leaking especially in smaller flues that have blockages and worn clay liners. Eldfast is a cost effective option to repair square brick flues up to 450mm. It will not only repair any damage caused by weather, chimney fires, condensation and general wear and tear but it will also strengthen your chimney stack and ensure that there is sufficient space in your stack for a good smoke flow. Eldfast can be installed in one day and comes with a 25 year guarantee.

The Process

A small scaffolding will be erected on your roof and then our certified chimney experts will carefully conduct a thorough inspection of your flue using a chimney camera and will clean thoroughly where necessary. They will temporarily remove any chimney pots and then erect a ‘winch’ with a wire brush attached. This brush removes any debris and ensure that the applicator balloon can pass through without any obstacles. This process also removes any internal restrictions to ensure that your flue can dispose of any harmful gasses more effectively and quickly.

Once this step has been completed our chimney experts will then seal the fireplace opening and set up a vacuum hose to ensure that no debris falls into your property through the filling process to ensure minimal disruption to your home. The Eldfast will be mixed with water and prepared outside to ensure the best consistency for your flue. It will then be poured down your chimney around the applicator balloon as the applicator balloon is gently pulled up the chimney to ensure an even, seamless coverage on the flue walls. If further coverage is needed, Eldfast is able to be reapplied to any problem areas promptly without waiting for the first coat to dry which ensures a speedy finish. The chimney will be ready for use within 48 hours of the completed installation.

‘I live on the North Yorkshire Moors and we rely on the stove for heating. We only have a small chimney but I noticed that the front room was starting to smell smokey. I had heard about Oliver and his team from some neighbours who has used his team in the past, so I called him out to have a look. He recommended Eldfast and was able to complete the work in just one day. two days later, my chimney was fully functional and it looks like a warm winter ahead! Thanks Oliver and co’ – Russell G, Yorkshire Dales

Why choose Eldfast?

  • Works fast so touch up’s can be done immediately
  • Doesn’t limit the flue cross section drastically like some liners
  • Suitable for both open fire and stoves
  • Non corrosive material
  • up to 60 year life expectancy
  • Offered with a 25 year guarantee
  • Cost effective long term solution

If you are unsure about the condition of your chimney, wish to conduct a survey, or want advice on the right lining for your chimney then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.