Boiler Stoves

As families require hot water on a daily basis, it’s worth thinking about joining the many
households that own a boiler stove when the time comes to replace your existing boiler.

It is tempting to stick with gas, electric or oil-fuelled boilers yet there’s always uncertainty as to fuel prices; the boiler stove can be a viable alternative.

And if we have yet another long, cold winter, then now’s the time to think about whether a boiler stove would work for you and your household.

Boiler stoves burn wood or have multi-fuel capabilities and are very efficient, making them an appealing choice in a world where we’re increasingly aware of our carbon footprint.

What Is A Boiler Stove?

There’s so many products on the market, you’d be forgiven for being confused! A boiler stove is an appliance that heats up water that is then distributed in a heating system for use in showers, taps or both. Most are wood-fired, some are multi-fuel (peat, wood, coal or pellets). Some operate similar to a gas boiler, others work along the same lines as a wood-burner.

What Types Can I Go For?

You could go for a full central heating stove that can be used for a full central heating and hot water system. It includes a wrap-around boiler and has a good heat output of around 24Kw.

Or you could go for what’s called a clip-in boiler: a smaller boiler stove ideal for topping up an existing heating system.  You might also want to use it as a water-only back-boiler or as a replacement for a stove that uses firebricks.

Okay, So How Does A Boiler Stove Work?

The boiler is actually a metal box that holds water that is heated by burning wood or another type of fuel. Several ‘tappings’ connect to pipes that send the hot water around the house. While boiler stoves don’t heat water as quickly as gas or electric, hot water is held in a storage tank so it is ready for use.

I Have Existing Radiator Or Under Floor Heating

So a boiler stove is perfect! An existing central heating system needs to connected to the new boiler stove and no new radiators are required. The hot water, as described above, will be supplied by being connected to the existing pipe infrastructure

How Do I Know I’ve Chosen The Right Boiler Stove ?

Of course, here at ALS we can help you decide. Aspects to consider are the size of your home and all your heating requirements. If you’re unsure, we’d be happy to advise. We can also design a bespoke system if required.

So What’s The Cost?

Any new heating system should be regarded as a long-term investment so we will discuss all costs with you and when appropriate, provide you with details as to all the aspects of the work.

Rest assured here at ALS, we will advise you accordingly.

We are also HETAS registered so you have peace of mind.

If you are unsure about the condition of your chimney, wish to conduct a survey, or want advice on the right lining for your chimney then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.