Thermocrete Chimney liner

Thermocrete Chimney Liner

‘A Thermocrete Chimney lining is the perfect solution to extensive chimney damage to all chimneys straight or slightly curved up to a 45 degree angle’.

How it works

Thermocrete is a light weight but incredibly strong monolithic refractory cement used to strengthen and repair chimneys , it works by filling in all the holes and cracks in one go whilst also strengthening and restoring your chimney from the inside. The installation is quick and easy and is usually completed in a day. Thermocrete will restore your chimney stack to perfect condition (making it stronger than new) – completely curing existing damage and preventing further deterioration. Thermocrete is impervious to flue gases and acid attack, it also has excellent insulation properties.

The Process

The process is simple yet effective. A ‘rubber former’ is inserted into position through the entire length of the flue. Access holes are made if and where necessary to make sure the rubber flue former is centralised. The space around this ‘rubber former’ is then pumped with the Thermocrete B2 material filling all voids/crack and damaged joints. After approximately 1 hour the Thermocrete will have set and the flue former is deflated and removed leaving a perfectly smooth cylindrical flue. All Thermocrete linings are installed to :B.S.6461 complying to building regulations 1985, England and Wales.

“The CCTV survey showed that my flue needed lots of repairing as structurally it was unsafe. However, after ALS Chimneys advised us on the Thermocrete Chimney liner, I feel so much better about it as they managed to fill the chimney which restored and strengthened it from the inside, they were very knowledgeable and honest, thanks guys!” – David L

Why Choose a Thermocrete Chimney liner?

  • Thermocrete is suitable for both class 1 and class 2 appliances, gas and solid fuel.
  • Thermocrete allows your chimney to be lined from the outside without disturbing any structure in the home
  • Thermocrete actually reinforces the structure of your chimney and prevents further deterioration
  • Thermocrete is environmentally friendly
  • Thermocrete filling comes with a 25 year manufacturer guarantee.

If you have noticed signs of what you believe to be chimney corrosion, (residue in your fireplace, smoke not dispersing as quickly as usual, smoke filling the roof) please call one of our engineers who can come out and assess your chimney to see if your chimney care needs updating and provide you with more information on Thermocrete and our other chimney care services.

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If you are unsure about the condition of your chimney, wish to conduct a survey, or want advice on the right lining for your chimney then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.