Twin Wall Flue Systems

‘A prefabricated rigid flue system can be the answer where there is no flue to use or the flue is inadequate for the needs of the fire.’

A twin wall flue pipe is a ‘clip-together’ chimney system that can be used to safely take the combustion gases from a wood burning stove and release into the atmosphere.

What is a twin wall flue made of?

The twin wall flue is a metal tube (flue) is insulated with an inch of insulation which is made up of two layers of stainless steel with insulation in the middle. The reason for this insulation is that it is imperative to keep the gases hot. If you used non-insulated flue pipe for the entirety of your chimney, then the gases would be more likely to cool down quicker and slow down rather than rise, which in turn would cause the smoke to ‘dam’ which is the process in which the immediate area is polluted by the emissions off the fuel rather than these emissions being released into the atmosphere. Cooling gases also form condensation which forms on the inner walls of the flue and runs down into the stove.

“I just wanted to thank Oliver and the team for installing my twin wall flue. they were incredibly professional and it is fantastic to have such an efficient chimney! highly recommended”- Malcolm T, Ravenscar

The twin wall flue system can be fitted to the outside of the building or internally and when used with a chimney fan, can terminate horizontally as well as vertically.

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