Wood Burning & Multi-Fuel Stoves

Linked Central Heating System

If you are looking for a flexible heating system, a linked heating system could be
an option, and ALS can help.

This system, sometimes known as ‘link up’, combines various heat sources
allowing you to take advantage of seasonal variations in power supply, which
particularly affect us here in the UK.

Linked Heating System

A linked heating system allows different heat sources to be used during different
times of year. So during the warmer months, if you have solar thermal panels, a linked
system would allow you to use these for heating water when your heating system usage is usually reduced. Then during the colder months, a linked system then switches over to a wood boiler stove, for example, which would provide heating and warm water at a time of year when solar power sources are reduced to due to low sunlight.

If you are seeking to reduce your gas or oil consumption, then a linked heating system could allow you to link in to a wood boiler stove. So when the wood boiler is lit, your gas or oil boiler would have less work to do, thus reducing your gas or oil usage overall.

Here at ALS, we can assist you from start to finish with advice and installation about a linked heating system, which uses either a heat bank or a thermal store to achieve the above. Heat banks and thermal stores both work on the same principle: the primary heating fluid is shared between all energy input sources.

Heat Bank

Perhaps you have radiators throughout your home, or under floor heating. So whether you’ve got one or both, they conveniently share the same primary fluid by being connected to the main cylinder via the heat bank. And as there are no coils through which heat can be lost, there is 100% heat exchange, improving energy efficiency.

We can advise as to what type of heat bank would be applicable to your home or building so you are able to decide which is best for you.

Thermal Store

If you use a solid fuel system, such as coal, a renewable energy source or even an AGA-type cooking appliance, a thermal store allows you store hot water helping you reduce your energy bills.

A thermal store captures both renewable and conventional energy sources and can also handle multiple sources making it a very efficient hot water storage system.

What happens in effect is a thermal store reverses the work carried a hot water cylinder by using the heat from the stored water to heat water passing through the coils at main pressure so you get the advantage of mains pressure hot water and heating. While this can be a technical aspect of a linked heating system, here at ALS we can advise you every step of the way.

H2 Panel

This is when a solid fuel appliance is efficiently linked to a central heating system by way of an automatic boiler so resulting energy is used to heat hot water, radiators and under floor heating.

A solid fuel appliance often works more efficiently at lower temperatures, as the automatic boiler contributes additional energy to increase the temperature of flowing water that serves the heating system and hot water recharge.

The H2 panel controls the balance between the solid fuel and the automatic boiler. So for example, when a solid fuel appliance is in use, all the energy from it is efficiently distributed to the hot water and central heating system. The H2 Panel ‘knows’ to call on the automatic boiler when a top up is required, therefore reducing energy waste and making it more cost effective.

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