Arkaya Solar Water Heating System

If you thought thermodynamics and thermal technology was simply for the scientists, think again.

We’ve teamed up with Arkaya, one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies who specialise in
both these areas, making them accessible energy sources for domestic and commercial properties.

What Is A Thermodynamic Solar Water Heating System?

This state of the art technology has managed to avoid the limitations often experienced by other heat pump designs – namely, the
thermodynamic system works efficiently even at low temperatures (as low as -15 degrees). Due to technical innovations, the Akraya
refrigerant is -35 degrees, so the system gathers heat from its surrounding environment.

The system also has similarities with other thermal collectors in your home. You might not think you have any, but the average fridge is one such example.

Arkaya’s innovation incorporates this use of thermodynamics and couples it with renewable solar energy to provide heating by effectively reversing the process.

As a result, the savings of traditional sources of heating such as natural gas, are excellent (sometimes in the region of 80%) and it also helps the customer keep their energy usage more environmentally friendly.

Are You In Hot Water?

The Arkaya thermodynamic water heating mechanism provides hot water up to 60 degrees. No need to wait for a boiler to kick in (therefore avoiding wasted energy and water), as the water is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Fed up of getting an unwelcome cold shower when someone turns on the tap elsewhere in the house? With the Arkaya system, more than one person can use the water without causing an argument!

How It’s Done

Solar Assisted Heat Pump is one of Arkaya’s the most popular products, together with vented or unvented cylinders, solar thermal panels and others.

As well as these, a combined system for a totally thermodynamic house will soon be achievable.

This means both water heating and central heating can be catered for sufficiently, including heating of swimming pools.

So How About Fitting And Installation?

Always something to be considered, with Arkaya products, there is usually a one retro-fit installation with little or no disruption to your routine and with access to immediate hot water once installed.

In line with modern techniques, customers are in full control with the use of a handy touch screen panel, so there’s hot water and central heating as and when required.

Personnel required include a qualified plumber and a F.A.G. engineer.

How much Does It Cost?

Due to the bespoke nature of each customer’s needs, the cost is worked out for each house or building individually.

Some customers ask how long it would take to pay off this type of system, and on average it is achievable in around six years. This product is definitely a long-term investment, not just for the comfort of the house or building concerned, but also for future generations yet with immediate results in the home.

Arkaya are also committed to their customers in that they aim to provide clients with a transparent and editable process for easy tracking and cost calculations.

If you are unsure about the condition of your chimney, wish to conduct a survey, or want advice on the right lining for your chimney then please don’t hesitate to get in touch via our contact form.